ARKANOYDZ is the brainchild of Giotto Bini, a long-time friend and collaborator of Etnicanet (whose work appears on hit tracks such as Robot Rebellion and The Object) teaming up with Andrea Rizzo (founding member of ETNICA, PLEIADIANS and CROP CIRCLES, pioneer of the psychedelic master stroke and original perpetrator of the goa-trance melody) and globe-trotting label manager of Etnicanet Records, dj Young Kim. Thanks to Andrea's melodic input, Giotto's technical savviness, and Young's extensive experience performing all over the world since the late 90's, the sonic alloy that is ARKANOYDZ was conceived in 2005 at Zambot Studios in Milan, Italy. Debut album 'TYPE ONE' was released in 2007 on Australian label Sonic Dragon, while international releases quickly followed on Etnicanet, Wired Music (Brazil), Antu Records (Chile), Ultragroove Records (Serbia), BMSS (Germany), and more. Arkanoydz made their debut on the international festival circuit performing to the 8000-strong tropical beach dancefloor of Universo Paralello (Brazil) and Monte Mapu Festival (Chile) back in 2007, and have been touring the planet ever since (memorable performances include Seoul, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Sicily, Milan, Salzburg, Sydney, Melbourne, Andalucia, and more). ARKANOYDZ is a blasting sonic composite where Far Eastern sensibility accompanies wayward, Mediterranean whimsy. Sheathed into an evocative sci-fi allure, the trio's signature raw, quirky sound is constellated with sprinkles of 80's acid house, a pinch of 70's Italo Disco and a hefty helping of contemporary psychedelia inspired by a myriad dancefloors all over the world and countless studio hours. Benefitting from frequent studio collaborations with Etnica and Pleiadians, Arkanoydz are quickly garnering attention throughout the global trance scene and are currently preparing their sophomore effort 'TYPE TWO' - coming soon @ Etnicanet Records!.