ONE ROCKET the  summer  of  2011  was decided to start a new music project that would see together on stage , 2 different but yet very similar  talents of  the international music industry .
joining  forces and talents  to  produce  a new cosmic-rock-electronic sound will be LBM and Technica .
LBM has been for 6 years the frontman , lead singer , music and song writer of the group "Rockets" , who  started the electronic pop rock era reaching the top of the charts with platinums and gold albums .
"technica" a group formed by two super talented d.j.'s  by Max Lanfranconi and Mauricio Begotti
who has been in  the first places of the charts for decades, teaching and innovating  electronic  music in every album they released .
their  passion  in  music as well as their interest and studies of the extra terrestrial life , joyned  them  together in a new project that would make you fly dream and dream ,  on the stages of their worlwide tour , starting in spring 2012.
LBM stage presence and Technica music mastership and sound will make their concerts , an event to be remembered ..